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Ancestors of Massey's

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2251799815782464. Pharamond King Of Westphalia King Of Franks , son of Marcomir I Duke Of East Franks and Miss, was born about 370 in Westphalia, Germany and died in 427-430, about age 57. Another name for Pharamond was Pharamond King Of Salistian Franks.

General Notes: This line of descent is printed in "Terrell Genealogy" by Emma Dicken (San
Antonio, Texas: The Naylor Company, 1952), at pp.1&2.

Apparently the original sources of this list were "Mostly from charts
compiled by J. H. Tyrrell of London"
Alt Name: Pharamond First King Of All France

Faramund is not mentioned by Roman historians of the 4-5th centuries
or Gregory of Tours (c.570/90), hence most modern historians omit
any reference to him as a historical person. The reason why he turns
up in so many genealogies etc, is that the 8th century _Liber
Historiae Francorum_ (ch.5) says that Faramund was the son of
Sunno and father of Chlodio.

Now Sunno is known from the earlier sources: GT II, 9 quotes (?) a
Roman source which says he was one of the chieftains who invaded
Gaul and were defeated by the Romans (c.389 AD), and elsewhere, GT
reports the tradition that Meroveus was the son of Chlodio.

Historians have tended to regard Faramund as an invention to bridge
the gap between Sunno and Clodio, and so establish a dubious
dynastic continuity.

Noted events in his life were:

1. Fact 1: Reigned 418-428. Duke Of The East Franks.

2. Fact 2: King Of The Salistian Franks.

3. Fact 3: Elected King Of West Franks.

Pharamond married Argotta Of The Salic Franks in 394.

Children from this marriage were:

1125899907891232       i.  Clodius Long Hair King Of Westphalia (born about 395 Westphalia, Germany - died in 450-455 in France)
               ii.  Adelbertus , Duke Of The Moselle (born about 405 Westphalia, Germany - died in 491)
              iii.  Clovis , King Of Cologne (died)
               iv.  Clodius (died)

Pharamond next married Imberltrude (Ymbergide), Queen Of The Franks. Imberltrude (Ymbergide), Queen Of The Franks died.

2251799815782465. Argotta Of The Salic Franks , daughter of Genebald Duke Of Salic Franks and Miss, was born about 376 in France and died. Another name for Argotta was Argotta De Cimbres (Cambray).

General Notes: Alt Name: Argotta First Queen Of All France
Mother of all the Kings of France.

Noted events in her life were:

1. Fact 1: "Mother Of Kings".

2. Fact 2: Aka Argotta DE Cimbres (Cambray).

Argotta married Pharamond King Of Westphalia King Of Franks in 394.

2251799827841280. Fridleif Frodasson III , son of Frodi Dansson III and Miss, was born in 456 in Denmark and died.

Fridleif married Miss about 476.

Children from this marriage were:

                i.  Olaf "Vegetus" Fridleifsson (born about 477 Denmark - died)
1125899913920640      ii.  Frodi Fridleifsson IV [King Of Denmark] (born in 479 Denmark - died in 548)

2251799827841281. Miss , was born about 460 in Denmark and died.

Miss married Fridleif Frodasson III about 476.

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